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Family Matters: Saas-Bahu Gaining

Bet you didn’t expect this!

Alt Balaji, the video streaming app by Balaji Telefilms Limited is going straight to the top. Within 2 months of launch its already at 4.9% reach. By comparison, Amazon Prime launched in July 2016 and took 7 months get to 6.5% reach.

Why? Because this is the content that people really want - a heady mix of family drama and murder conspiracies. And they’re not stopping there.

Like Netflix and Amazon Prime – Alt Balaji is coming out with original programming that they think ‘millennials’ will enjoy. They’ve got shows like Dev DD and The Test Case which look pretty compelling and speak to an organisation that’s willing to change with the times. They can churn out a ‘Saas – Bahu’ drama and a story about a Teenage rebellion with equal aplomb.

Yes, their NPS scores are extremely low but these will improve as they build the skill sets required to succeed in this business. Tech and Streaming are not their traditional playground but they’ve already done a fantastic job of getting the basics right.

Eid Mubarak everyone!

Thanks for your time,
Ashish Kapoor
Team KG